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Hi,my name is Anne,I am a beadaholique.I work out of my studio in the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park.My work is mainly mixed media with some steampunk elements thrown in for fun.I was a finalist in Beads and Beyonds"Jewelry Maker of the Year 2010" I won first prize in Smitten Beads Designer Challenge 2011. I have had my work published in various magazines and in several treasuries,online.I have two Etsy shops and a Folksy shop for my clients who do not wish to shop in US $,but prefer sterling.Feel free to look me up on twitter or Facebook.Cheers,Anne..
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26 Sep 2010

Sunday Blog.

Sorry I did not post a blog last week,way too busy!Is it not strange how we can be pottling along not too busy and then out of the blue everything happens at once!I am in the final of the previously blogged about bead competition.I am chuffed to say the least as I made a piece for last years competition and was too chicken to enter it.Will keep you all posted but cannot blog about it as there is a stage of voting to come and in the interest of fairness I am not allowed to promote it.Will post pics and links after competition closes.
  Attending the Artisan Show on 1st and 2nd of October.Really looking forward to meeting Kerry Kester Bogart at show.She will be attending on the 2nd.Come along and say a big hello.Having my hair done specially for this event.My lampwork queen,Debra is coming along as well.We are staying overnight so will have loads of fun.
   Really busy designing my winter range and listing very regularly at the moment,but selling as fast as I am listing.This is good,very good!!!Just not used to being so busy.Also very busy in my day job.The Ryder Cup kicks off this week at The Celtic Manor Resort in Newport.We are supplying some products for the show so even busier than normal.Also social life very crazy as well.We seem to be going somewhere different every night!Parties,parties,parties!!!Love to all my beading buddies,Anne.

12 Sep 2010

Sunshine and Showers.

I have finally finished the two pieces for Beads and Beyonds competition and  taken photos ready for entry.I entered a second piece in the wirework competition as a "wild card"I think the judges will run screaming for the hills as it is a very primitive piece made from hammered copper and sterling wire.However I felt the need!!!!
  All the beautiful butterflies have gone wherever butterflies go when the summer is over.We had clouds of them in the garden for the last couple of weeks.But all the flowers have died off and they have all disappeared into the ether.There seems to have been an awful lot of them around this year and some species that I havent seen for many years.That so gladdens my heart.
  I have been reflecting on the nine years since Sept 11.So many thousands have died as a result of the actions of a few.I cannot describe them as monsters or evil as there are no words to describe the horror inflicted on the world on that terrible day.I am sure we all remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard what had been happening.My then  five year old daughter told me.I thought she was watching a terrible movie,not Sky News.What a terrible legacy that these people have left our children.Rebecca has grown up not knowing a world where there is peace and love.But I myself have hope in my heart that in years to come a way can be found to mend some of the damage done so that future generations can feel free to express thier religions regardless of their beliefs.Light and love to all,Anne

4 Sep 2010

Mixed Media Ramblings

Dear friends,
                   I have finally finished the entry for Beads and Beyond competition.Mixed media section.I knew it was finished when the two girls announced that it was "cool".Personally,with mixed media jewellery,I don,t know when to stop adding things.But even so,I am pleased with the result even though when I originally planned it,I had very different ideas in my head.LoL!I  had a lot of fun stamping on metal for the first time for this piece.I will show it to everybody when I know that the competition rules allow it.
  I am very honoured to have won the bracelet in Teena Germano,s competition.I t came all the way from Brisbane to S.Wales in a few days.I was very impressed with the postal service and very impressed with my bracelet.Stunning.On the subject of Royal Mail.I have had two packages this week,one from Ornamentea,and one from Glamourgirlbeads on Etsy.Both  were subject to vat charges,but I was charged £8 handling charge for each one.The Glamourgirlsbeads package only contained vintaj blanks.When I added the charges together,they were more than they cost in the first place.However had to pay for them as they were going to keep the package.I do not like being held to ransom.Doh!
On a very different note,my jewellery is finally in store awaiting the opening next week.Gareth went over to Ebbw Vale with me.I don,t know what he was expecting,but was very surprised that the shop was all shiny and new  with artwork on the wall etc.It has got to that nailbiting stage where I fear that nobody will like  my creations and that nothing will sell.Time will tell,I suppose.Anyway enough of my random ramblings for now,Cheers,Anne.