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Hi,my name is Anne,I am a beadaholique.I work out of my studio in the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park.My work is mainly mixed media with some steampunk elements thrown in for fun.I was a finalist in Beads and Beyonds"Jewelry Maker of the Year 2010" I won first prize in Smitten Beads Designer Challenge 2011. I have had my work published in various magazines and in several treasuries,online.I have two Etsy shops and a Folksy shop for my clients who do not wish to shop in US $,but prefer sterling.Feel free to look me up on twitter or Facebook.Cheers,Anne..
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28 Aug 2010

Trials And Tribulations,

Dear friends,
                  Sorry that I haven,t posted for a few days.Truth be told,I have been rushing to get my stock ready for my retail launch.I am exhibiting in a new branch of Arts and Enterprise.I was given the wrong date for the launch,thought it was this week!So run around like a mad thing and rushed my tagging etc.Turns out it is not till next week.I am glad as not hundred per cent happy with branding layout so now have time to improve it.
  I have also been designing my piece for Beads and Beyond competition.That,s starting to take shape   slowly.Had some lovely things from Objects and Elements,incuding some Faux Bone from Robert Dancik.I don,t know what I am going to make with it yet!Will post when I do!
  Had a bit of a worry as I use a fair number of laser cut wooden butterflies and my supplier has stopped making them due to work commitments.After two whole months,I have finally found  a lady in Australia who makes them,what a relief!I have put in a reasonable order so very happy.They are georgeous!Looking forward to their arrival.I will stop rambling now,love and light to all my creative friends,Anne.

15 Aug 2010

Designing for Competition.

Dear friends,
                    I have had a monumentally busy week.Just gone back to work after cruise and spent most of my time organising Sarah,s 21st birthday party.Baked and iced cake,bought balloons,banners etc.Helped with costumes as she had a "games" theme.Hence the snakes and ladders cake!I did fret an awful lot on the day but that is what is mums do!!!!Worry!But it went really well,everybody had a brill time and behaved themselves(even me!).
  In the meantime figured out how to use Objects and Elements website to purchase things.Clue-watch the weight on combined objects in your basket as if too heavy will not process to checkout.It took me two days and some e-mails to work it out!P.S.I was having a "blonde"Episode!!!!
Also have started work on my piece for the mixed-media section in Beads and Beyond competition.A lot of work still to do.I haven,t decided how I am going to assemble my finished piece but have started work on some of the components.Also waiting for some things coming in by mail.Really excited about my orders from Objects and Elements,can,t wait!And some cool stuff from Etsy,too!I also ordered a box of goodies from Ornamentea before I went on holiday.should be here very soon.Anyway enough of my ramblings.Love to all,Anne.

8 Aug 2010

Inspiration for Beading

Dear friends,
                  I have just returned from my jaunt around Europe aboard The Black Watch.Had a brilliant time,good fun and good company.
   I needed the break badly,so feeling a bit more rested and refreshed.Also bought some chain for new designs.I did not find any bead shops but drew a lot of inpsiration from the colors and sights in La Coruna and Vigo.Lisbon was nice,but we really needed some more time to explore.Will return to Galicia when able.Gibralter is just the same as it was on my last visit,some four years ago,still very commercial.I was most inpressed with Vigo,very pretty city and lovely people.I will post photos on Facebook sometime today.
  I will be organising my daughter,s 21st birthday this week,so I will not get much designing done.I might sneak into my studio if very lucky for an hour or two.I am entering Beads and Beyonds mixed media competition,so as soon as dust settles from party will be busy on that.I have already got the bones of my design in my head so just need to gather supplies and get going.Love to all my creative friends,Anne.