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Hi,my name is Anne,I am a beadaholique.I work out of my studio in the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park.My work is mainly mixed media with some steampunk elements thrown in for fun.I was a finalist in Beads and Beyonds"Jewelry Maker of the Year 2010" I won first prize in Smitten Beads Designer Challenge 2011. I have had my work published in various magazines and in several treasuries,online.I have two Etsy shops and a Folksy shop for my clients who do not wish to shop in US $,but prefer sterling.Feel free to look me up on twitter or Facebook.Cheers,Anne..
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27 Dec 2011


Dear friends,
                   I have been looking at blogs by other artists this afternoon. Too many to name but words can never describe the unbelievable wealth of talent out there in " cyber world". Stitchers, jewellery designers, bead makers, glass artists! You name it! They never cease to amaze me. I wish that I was half as good at what I do. I wish that my blog was bigger, better, more colorful etc. I am not in the least envious, but in awe!
 I , however, endeavour to be inspired by my fellow artists and be better at my designs, to stand out more, to be better at my marketing and branding.  Learn HTML so I do not always need help from my daughter's if I want to post links etc!!!  I am rather pathetic when it comes to social media. I get by on luck, rather than skill and judgement and have learned a little to play with my computer as I now know that it will not explode or do something equally grotesque if I press the wrong key! I know there are a lot of people out there who feel that way about technology but usually they only open a couple of e-mails in work. They do not operate a plethora of Facebook pages for business and personal use,run blogs and Tweet and run online shops as well as a Flickr photostream! I sometimes wonder how on earth I ended up doing all these things! A few years ago, I didn't even have an e-mail address!!! What on earth happened??? The jewellery happened! I suppose "necessity is the mother of invention" and everything just followed from there. But I still can't get my head around how I arrived at this moment. Will let you know when I do.
    While I have been awestruck by other designers,I noticed that Lorelei has a fab give away on her blog from Lark books. Go and check it out!  I have already entered and hope that I win. Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed!!! Love to you all,Anne. x

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