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Hi,my name is Anne,I am a beadaholique.I work out of my studio in the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park.My work is mainly mixed media with some steampunk elements thrown in for fun.I was a finalist in Beads and Beyonds"Jewelry Maker of the Year 2010" I won first prize in Smitten Beads Designer Challenge 2011. I have had my work published in various magazines and in several treasuries,online.I have two Etsy shops and a Folksy shop for my clients who do not wish to shop in US $,but prefer sterling.Feel free to look me up on twitter or Facebook.Cheers,Anne..
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15 Nov 2010

Mixed Media Dreams

I know this weeks posting is a little late.I have been very busy making ATCs for the Stampers club.To be honest,I have got a bit behind and have found it rather daunting.I have had lots of books through the post and haven,t had a clue what to do.Anyway,I made some to add to the books and hopefully I can catch up by midweek.
   Beads and Beyonds Jewelry Maker of The Year ends tonight,so if you haven,t voted,now is the last chance.Look for my entry in the mixed media section.
  I have been busy designing for the last few days and now that our huge and very stressful audit in my other job is over,I feel rather mellow and a lot less stressed.I only hope the feeling lasts! Christmas is on the horizon and I need to start my shopping.My sales have increased dramatically off-line but are still slow in my shops.I closed my DaWanda shop as I have not sold a thing there since opening.I am tempted to shut my MISI  shop and concentrate on my Etsy shops and Folksy.
     I went to the Wales versus South Africa on Saturday as part of my friend Sue,s 60th birthday.Cardiff is such fun and we all had a ball. See the pictures on Facebook.
   Just bought some super goodies from Ornamentea,I can,t wait until they arrive.I bought some fab Elaine Reay beads,oooooh!Anyway enough of my ramblings,hugs,Anne.


  1. Hi Anne
    Nice to meet a fellow UKSN member. I know the feeling about all the ATC books that seem to arrive at once - I have just cleared my desk of them - this weekend was an ATC feast I seem to make hundreds - well not quite hundreds:-).

  2. Good luck with the ATCs. I've not had too many all at once, so am up to date (when i get to the postbox today!) Nice to find another UKSN member. Sheila

  3. hi another uksn membe rher e i know what you mean about them arriving at once. i'm ok with the atc but i have had about 10 stiggot book this week. i will hopefully get some done at the weekend. but i'm well behind with my x mas cards. also i have just brought a big shot and i really want to play with it, hopefully i will combine the two things.
    good luck with the competition