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Hi,my name is Anne,I am a beadaholique.I work out of my studio in the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park.My work is mainly mixed media with some steampunk elements thrown in for fun.I was a finalist in Beads and Beyonds"Jewelry Maker of the Year 2010" I won first prize in Smitten Beads Designer Challenge 2011. I have had my work published in various magazines and in several treasuries,online.I have two Etsy shops and a Folksy shop for my clients who do not wish to shop in US $,but prefer sterling.Feel free to look me up on twitter or Facebook.Cheers,Anne..
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11 Jul 2010

Mixed Media and Resin

Hello friends,
                    I have finally taken the plunge and got the box with the ice resin out today and had a go.I read the instructions carefully,but the resin bottle would not pour as it have gone very thick and gooey.There was nothing in the instructions about this so I just spooned out what I thought I would need and added the hardener.It said to mix for two minutes until it went clear,so I did and it didn,t!!!!Arggg!However it did clear eventually and I made up some bezels and filled them.It was rather tricky to guess the right amount so a couple have overflowed.I am rather messy.My daughter came back from her friend,s house and helped a little.Just as well,really.In spite of having a well ventilated studio,I was overcome by the rather noxious fumes given off and was nauseous and dizzy,very yuck!Next time I will work outside.The bezels look good but I will not know whether I got the mix right until they set.That means I will have to wait until tomorrow night after work,after I have been for my dental check-up as well.Can,t wait.Also have done some more work on my studio makeover,got rid of lots more junk.I think I might have to put a ceiling  up when I come home from my European tour.The beams are very dusty and I think I need a new ceiling light to replace the old flourescent one.So I might as well do that at the same time.It will not cost too much as I can do the work myself.I nearly took some photos to post but have decided I will wait until finished.Anyway enough of my ramblings for now,love to all my beading duddies,Anne

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  1. Anne, I'm just reading your late posts and i highly recommend working outside or at least, bring the finish piece and cover it with a clear cake top cover and leave it in the garden so no bugs or weather spoil it. I had the same problem with PC and i got sick for a few weeks, you never know how the fumes are going to interact with you body.But i have seen the results of your dilligent work and they have paid nice results :) .Love, Jaxie